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Symptoms come and go and can mimic those of other more common diseases

The average time between the start of symptoms and a correct diagnosis is 3 years.
Pheo and para tumors may:
  • Cause sudden, intense, and life-⁠threatening symptoms
  • Produce symptoms that come and go without warning
  • Produce a large amount of hormones when they are not needed

Common signs and symptoms

Over 100 different signs and symptoms are associated with pheo and para, including:
Symptoms ImagesSymptoms ImagesSymptoms ImagesSymptoms ImagesSymptoms ImagesSymptoms Images
  • Headaches
    Anxiety and panic attacks

  • High blood pressure
    Strong, fast, or irregular heartbeat

  • Uncontrollable shaking
    Pain in the chest or abdomen

  • Fatigue and weakness
    Nausea, vomiting, or weight loss

  • Paleness
    Heavy sweating

Symptoms may be constant or fluctuate, and may be influenced by certain physical activities, conditions, foods, or medications.

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Living with pheo and para

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Living with Pheo and Para

Dave Bassham, a pheo patient, discusses his life with pheo before his diagnosis was discovered.